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2022: a pretty good year

Stats as of today:

  • 1 new job acquired

  • 2 diseases stabilized (and/or maybe beat!)

  • 11 singing performances completed

  • 308 miles run

  • 522 hours and 55 minutes of exercise (that's over 21 days!)

  • 834 miles walked

Well, considering how rough 2022 started, it turned out to be a pretty good year. I'm feeling as healthy and strong, as my oncologist and endocrinologist feel I'm in a good place, and I love my husband, my cat, my family, and my friends. I am, dare I say it, pretty happy? Brave words in this day and age, I guess.

But I'm thankful to have gotten to where I am. I'm glad to be stubborn and I'm not afraid of what 2023 brings for me. I hope, at least, that it brings love, health, and strength to all of us.

Not sure if this gallery of 2022 memories will correctly display the details, so at the bottom I'll add context if you want it. But the tl;dr of it all is that I am out there and living my life!

Thank you for being with me here, even though my check-ins are sparse these days, and all the best to you and yours over the holidays!

First row:

  1. 1/2 - about to go metal detecting!

  2. 1/29 - going for a walk on a very snowy day

  3. 2/22 - Isaac's birthday!

Second row:

  1. 3/4 - taking a picture because I was feeling better

  2. 3/15 - after the big haircut

  3. 4/6 - treatment time, of course

Third row:

  1. 4/10 - cozy Murray

  2. 5/4 - treatment again! I think this was the first time I went on my own

  3. 5/13 - hanging out with Murray

Fourth row:

  1. 5/21 - catnapping

  2. 6/3 - back at treatment (with Isaac this time)

  3. 6/14 - hanging out on the deck

Fifth row:

  1. 6/17 - my sister Kelly took this pic of the memorial brick we had placed in the Michigan State Rose Garden in memory of my Grandma

  2. 6/24 - the sign I made for protesting the supreme court's supremely bad decisions

  3. 7/16 - singing with Opera on Tap New Hampshire

Sixth row:

  1. 7/21 - Murray looking handsome in our living room

  2. 7/24 - wandering around the summit of Mount Washington with my parents when they visited this summer

  3. 7/27 - back at the cancer center for more treatment

Seventh row:

  1. 8/18 - just finished a 5k run and feeling good!

  2. 8/24 - back at the cancer center yet again for another infusion

  3. 9/10 - got new headshots done by fantastic NH-based photographer Augustine Nyonzima

Second-to-last row:

  1. 9/21 - you guessed it, back at the cancer center for more treatment

  2. 10/31 - a dinosaur and a cowboy hand out candy on a gorgeous Halloween night

  3. 11/22 - showing off my hard-earned gray hairs (I'm so excited they're here!)

Bottom row:

  1. 11/26 - finishing the 4-miler (SUPER HILLY) race Isaac and I did at his old high school

  2. 11/30 - aaaand back at the cancer center (of course)

  3. 12/3 - dressed and ready to sing in the Boston Baroque chorus for the annual performance of the Messiah

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