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and a happy new year

How are you all, my friends? I hope your Christmas was filled with good company, wonderful singing, warmth, light, and delicious foods. For me, it was all of those things and more.

At the Christmas Eve service at church, we sang the song we first had sung when my maternal grandmother had a cancer scare a few years ago. It was a scary time (although it was prior to both of us being officially diagnosed) and the song somehow stayed in my brain in a great way. I hope you like it too.

On Christmas, we got to spend time with family. First, we got to spend time with my in-laws, and I had not seen my husband's brother and his wife in maybe a year? Certainly not since they got married. But was so wonderful to see them and my amazing mother-in-law. And that evening we were able to do a video call with my entire family at once, all the kids and my parents and my grandmother (and it was her birthday!). I certainly miss the feeling of being home for Christmas, but hopefully, I will be healthy for next year.

Now for the real business: My oncologist had set up an appointment yesterday to check in on things. She has had a theory for a while that I have an adrenal insufficiency. My testing tomorrow confirmed at the time that my number was low. So she set up a more thorough test today where I had my first blood test at 8 am, then I had an infusion that was supposed to trigger my system to do more of the thing? Well, hilariously, the tests I had 30 and 60 minutes after that infusion had the same result. Way, way lower than what this number should be.

So I now have an appointment with an endocrinologist and a prescription for hydrocortisol! Hopefully, this will help with my being tired all the time. I will certainly update after meeting my endocrinologist!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful changing-of-the-years! May 2022 be easier for us all.

Oh and one more thing: Isaac and I are now officially BOOSTED. It gave me some damage but it is absolutely worth it to do everything I can do to keep myself and my community safe!

PS As a New Year's gift, I hereby bestow upon you, dear reader, two matters of frivolity (😇) that very much should only be viewed in order:

  1. The first thing

  2. The second thing

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