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hepatic panic

Okay it’s been a while. The long version of the story is going to contain some gross, unpleasant things, so if you are bothered by uncomfortable body problems, it’s best to meet back up at my next post, thanks ❤️


are we good?


Well the god’s honest truth is I started vomiting the night after the second treatment. It subsided for a couple of days but picked back up on Friday to a degree that I was caught completely off guard.

Thank goodness Isaac was home from work on Sunday and Monday. He agreed that I was on another level of sick. Things I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced being sick before:

- truly being unable to eat pretty much anything

- being unable to walk around, or even sit up for more than a few seconds

- strongly feeling like I can’t sleep or eat or breathe or live, I couldn’t even sleep through the night (though often had a 2 am barf)

Isaac called the cancer center on Monday morning on my behalf. They set up an emergency appointment to administer fluids yesterday afternoon. They also set up appointments daily through Wednesday to keep fluids going.

I barely felt better after yesterday’s fluids and, to be honest, I vomited three more times before we went back in today. But TODAY they checked my liver enzymes since I’ve already had an issue with that and, well, take a look:

for context, the dotted line is healthy, the solid line is normal-high

So anyway, here we are. Cancer is a rollercoaster and you don’t know when it will turn you upside down, but it sure did.

I am thankful for you, the kindness of everybody really helps me reach a strength I may personally not quite have. I’m doing okay. If you are keeping me in your thoughts, I ask you to keep Isaac in them as well. He’s been so wonderful. Even one of the schedulers at the cancer center commented on how great he’s been. I don’t know how this saga would be without him.

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