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I could sleep

I don’t really have any updates but I do want to write about how great it is to be in the middle of some great singing gigs! Last weekend I sang in a Boston Baroque concert (and boy oh boy was it fantastic to sing that concert feeling so much better than I did during Messiah) and this coming weekend at King’s Chapel I’m singing in a concert of double chorus pieces. For the non-music nerds here, usually in a regular chorus there will be roughly 4 voice parts singing at any given time. This concert has 8+, which makes it more challenging and exciting to sing!

I’ve still been feeling pretty great, even have been running more! I think now that my body’s gotten more used to the steroids for my adrenal insufficiency, things have really chilled out. Obviously I still have to keep an eye out for if there’s any indication that I have any other glandular or immune system issues, but fingers crossed the worst of that is over.

In the first week of April I have a check-in with my endocrinologist, and the week after I’ll be back in for treatment again. I believe that they scheduled me with another oncologist since mine is still out on maternity leave. So I will certainly update if there is any news at that time.

I am still, as always, thankful for this outlet to share my updates, and I’m thankful for the folks who check in on me (and the folks I can check in on!), and despite everything, I still sometimes can’t believe how lucky Isaac and I are. We have sunsets and grass, a soft cat, and each other. What more could I really ask for, anyway?

ps: here is Boston Baroque singing Mykola Lysenko’s Prayer for Ukraine:

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