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I’m home!

The tl;dr is that they never really discovered what the cause of my infection was. All blood cultures, tests, and the spinal tap came back negative. There was no obvious cause. The hospital oncologist and the infectious disease doctor that worked with me said that can sometime happen, and further it is possible that my immunotherapy triggered a response that my body was fighting itself, or no real infection at all.

I was given 4 days of antibiotics to be cautious, and with no fever and a good (ish, we’re talking hospital food here) lunch, they sent me on my merry way. They are confident knowing I’m seeing my oncologist in the morning should anything go wrong.

I certainly not feeling my very best, but I agree with the assessment. Given the strain on the hospital with COVID, the bed was more important for someone suffering. I am doing okay and I’ll be back at the doctor tomorrow!

My guess is that my appointment tomorrow will be to go over treatment adjustments, now that it’s pretty clear that treatment is trying to murder my liver.

I will update with news tomorrow (if there is any) and my next treatment is currently scheduled for November 17. I’m staying positive and right now I’m just happy to be home with my boys.

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Nov 16, 2021

I’m so sorry that you are going through this Emily And you are in my thoughts almost daily. Thank you for taking your precious energy to write these posts. So many people care about you.


Nov 10, 2021

Leah and I are thinking of you. What a nice picture of Ol' Murray!


Nov 08, 2021

Man what a rough ride. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. But I'm glad you're on the "feeling a little better" side of it.

Your overzealous liver needs to cool its jets. I'm hopeful your oncologist has a plan to talk your liver off the ledge during your next treatment and keep you feeling better throughout.

Let Murray and Isaac keep taking good care of you. They're pretty awesome dudes.

I love you and will keep my positive thoughts coming your way.

💕Aunt Jewel


Nov 08, 2021

So glad you're home and feeling a little bit better. Thinking of you. Alison

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