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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

But I am in the hospital. Basically last week was a disaster and I was desperately sick. Which led me to the cancer center where I had daily infusions of fluids and steroids on Tuesday with instructions to restart the prednisone. By Wednesday I was feeling fine and by Thursday almost totally normal.

But Friday (yesterday) I woke up at 6 am to vomit and kept vomiting. We made a rush to the cancer center for fluids and antiemetics (stop-barfing drugs) and they agreed that given how sick I had been the week before and seeing as how this had come back, I should visit the emergency room.

In the emergency department, where I learned that I also have a fever, and therefore some sort of infection, I have endured:

* Blood draws for cultures (2 rounds)

* Regular blood draws (for other tests)

* A chest X-ray to rule out covid

* A spinal tap in the hopes they find something.

The complicated fact is that all tests that have come back have had good results, but that means they don’t know the source of the infection. The care I’m getting is excellent so don’t worry about me. The only mild frustration is that I’ve been in the emergency department this whole time so it’s noisy. They should give me a room as soon as they have one.

Don’t worry about me, I have Isaac here and plenty of activities, and my nurse is THE BEST. I feel safe and cared for and what more could I ask, I mean really?

Still, hope your Saturday is going better than mine!

**Update, as of last night they moved me up to the cardiac floor, either because that’s where they had room, or simply because I was categorized as septic when I was admitted. Unsure, but at least my heart’s cared for too!

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