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the evenings now are relatively easy

Well! I’ve been irredeemably lazy about writing updates, but the truth is I barely think about cancer most of the time these days. It's nice!

I’ve had simple treatments once a month that don’t impact me at all really, other than the time it takes to get them. I changed jobs and in doing so, I had a change of health insurance. This has led me to keep a closer eye on my claims and it turns out ONE infusion of Nivolumab ”costs” over $50,000. Ridiculous! I’m responsible for a small(ish) portion of that this month, but luckily in that one appointment, I hit both my deductible and my out-of-pocket maximum for the rest of 2022. But I could scream because of how unfair and scammy American healthcare is.

The new job is going well, and I was able to purchase a treadmill desk which is helping me stay active. Although I’ve also been feeling better enough to run consistently, and as of this past week I’m able to run 5k three times a week again! I’m so thankful that I’m feeling healthy and can be consistently active.

Other news is mixed. My dear cat Murray has been sick on and off for a few months. He is almost 15 years old and he’s been the most consistent part of my life since moving away from Michigan. I don’t know how much longer we get to have with him, but I’m glad I’m healthy right now to take care of him when he needs it.

Also, I’m starting to go gray, which delights me! When I was 27 I went to a salon and asks them to dye my hair gray (this was years before the silver hair trend) and they refused. So I’ve just been waiting patiently for it to happen on its own and I guess cancer probably is what did it because it started this past winter! I’m gonna look so rad when it all comes in!

Between my slowly graying hair and the brown spots on my face (the doctors aren’t sure if they’re from treatment or the adrenal insufficiency or even if it’s permanent, so who knows) I almost wonder if my appearance would be jarring to anyone who hasn’t seen me since COVID started. But although I look undeniably older, I think I also look cool as hell.

So no new news on my health these days, but isn’t that delightful really?

Anyway, since I'm wonderfully uninteresting, here is a great song to listen to:

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