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‘tis the season

I don’t have a particularly interesting update today, but I did want to share that I’m still managing what few stomach issues I still have with no real issues!

I have my next treatment next Wednesday, and my mom will be arriving Tuesday night to help me out. It’s a load off my mind since we won’t know how my body will react to just the Opdivo next week.

This week has also been a whirlwind of rehearsals for the Messiah and it’s been a wonderful time. I wondered to myself if I would cry on the first night of rehearsals or at the dress rehearsal when the orchestra was present. Well, I can officially report that it was the Pifa (pastoral symphony) that brought me to tears during today‘s dress rehearsal. This orchestra is just so good! It’s just so wonderful to sing with them again! How lucky am I?!!?

There’s not much to note about my current experience with cancer, but I certainly hope that my next treatment doesn’t knock me out too badly to really enjoy the holiday season. Only time will tell! I actually have another meeting with my Palliative Care counselor tomorrow and I look forward to telling her that I’ve been following her suggestions. Between you and me I am still anxious about next week, and I’m anxious about when the heck I can get scheduled for my booster shot (is it bad to do it after treatment? will I feel well enough to get boosted? how far out will scheduling be at that point?!)

Despite my many anxieties, I am determined to have a better experience with this coming treatment. I have the tools this time, so I’m hoping things remain in my control.

(also — a reminder, you can livestream the Boston Baroque Messiah this coming Saturday December 11 and you can pay what you want! it’s gonna be real gorgeous and I’ll be sitting in the front row of the chorus on the left!)

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