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I don't have much to update about these days so forgive me if my posts are less frequent, but I do have some teeny tiny news!

First is that I had another treatment this past week. I wasn't sure if I'd be seeing my oncologist or not at that point. Turns out I wasn't, I saw the NP and she was wonderful as usual, but we still don't have a timeline for anything further just yet. All I knew when I left treatment was that I was scheduled for my next one on March 9.

This afternoon I got a call from the Cancer Center that they've set up another PET scan for me! It will be on March 2 so there will be results before I see my oncologist for my next treatment on 3/9. I'm so excited but trying to remain realistic:

  1. I could learn that I still have some evidence of melanoma

  2. I could learn that I don't have evidence of melanoma but I still might not be moved to NED status

  3. I could learn that I don't have evidence of melanoma and I could maybe be moved to NED status and I likely will still have to have treatments

Who KNOWS what could happen? I am still anxious, though. I mean, of course I am! The idea of being declared NED caused me to burst into tears at my desk because why wouldn't it, really? I feel so good, I feel so normal and healthy, so maybe, just maybe, it's because I am now?

I also took some time this weekend to put together a photo collage to share because I don't know, I took pictures when things happened because it felt right to document it. Maybe it's interesting? Despite the fact that now it feels like some sort of half-assed middle school assignment, here it is showing this wondrous rollercoaster so far:

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