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what a jagged little pill

I don’t really have an update. I guess the only update I have is that it is amazing when you have the right answers and the right plan. I feel so much better! Almost like I’m not in treatment for cancer! I have energy again, I have an appetite, and my sense of taste is back to normal. I even am enjoying coffee in the morning where I had no stomach for it before.

I am exercising! I use the elliptical three times a week and try to box with our punching bag after. The days that I don’t do cardio I’m lifting weights and doing squats and all that fun nonsense.

I guess the folks who don’t see me often probably are not aware that I am so into exercise. I was an avid runner for years before covid hit and we moved and I lost my nerve to run around outside. I have run a few half marathons (but never fast, haha). So having the energy to exercise again is helping me feel like myself.

For some interesting perspective, let me show you this. Here is a picture of the drugs I was on when we didn’t know what was causing my nausea and other issues:

And here is a picture of the drugs I am on now:

— that’s it! Just two! I am taking some supplements (vitamins, calcium, melatonin) but as for “pills that keep me functioning” it’s so few now!

I also got this rad pill organizer to help with the fact that I have to take pills at three different times during the day:

So my update is: I am feeling incredible, I am doing well, and next time I go in for treatment I will be asking about what NED will look like for me and when I need my next PET scan and whatnot.

Wishing you all the best this weekend! I am sending out good energy now that I have some to spare 🙂

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