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I'm kicking myself for not updating earlier, but I have been shouting to all I see in person the results of my most recent MRI and PET scans:

I was supposed to see my oncologist yesterday for treatment but unfortunately the Cancer Center had to reschedule my morning appointment for the afternoon, and I ended up seeing a Nurse Practitioner. She told me that my oncologist had gone through my scan results and confirmed the findings (YAY) which means that I think right now we can safely say there's no cancer in me anymore!

I've honestly been feeling so good lately. Isaac and I exercise frequently (I try to run three times a week and I'm up to 4 miles at a time) and we often wear weighted vests to go for 4-6 mile walks! I should mention my weighted vest is only 8 pounds, which is well under 10% of my body weight. But it's a great workout and a fantastic time to connect with nature in the mornings!

The weather has been cooling here, which is so exciting to me. I feel like I missed all of fall last year, since I started getting sick in early October and I didn't really recover until January. I am determined to have a great Halloween this year! I can finally break out the incredible ceramic coffin-shaped platter to hand out candy to neighborhood kids!

There's so much singing to come, too, and I am so excited for that too. Rehearsals began for my first church concert, and in a few weeks rehearsals start for the first Boston Baroque concert! I know I was able to sing for most of the things last year, but it sure will be nice to sing in things this year and feel good at the same time!

The only other notable thing is that yesterday I got my flu shot and my bivalent updated COVID booster. I am determined to stay on top of these things every season. I don't feel too terrible today, and I'm sure I'll be back to normal tomorrow or not long after. A stark contrast to when I got the booster back in December, before we knew I was just out of an adrenal crisis, and I spent three days unable to get up and walk around. What a difference it makes to be on the right medications!

So I guess, there's not much to update. But hey, I think maybe I've beat stage IV metastatic melanoma???

And that's pretty damn cool.

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